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Bleach 560: Marching Out the ZOMBIES


Bleach 560: Marching Out the ZOMBIES

Final Fantasy VII [ Faceless ]

The tomorrow that we’re trying to grab for ourselves… is no the tomorrow you’ve set out for us! It’s the tomorrow that we chose for ourselves: a tomorrow that we choose out of all the infinite universes! We’ll fight our way through. We’ll keep fighting and protect the universe!


So it took forever.. But here is my Gurren Lagann appreciation post :3

Hope you enjoy! <3


"I’m going to help you. Superman killed my man too, ya know? I have as much reason to hate him as anyone. And of course you need my help. I can do things you can’t."

Harley Quinn in Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two issue 13

some of favourite video game titles turned into movie posters, part III (part I | part II)

The beauty of Skyrim - Dungeons